Gods of Crestshore

100 years before the start of the heroes journey 8 heroes led an army of thousands known now as the Judicators against the Old gods. The war began on the mortal plane when the united gods sent their armies to squash the Judicator army, however the Heroes pushed the Gods back to a keep in the celestial plane. The Heroes and their Judicators laid siege to the God’s keep, and they made an offer than any God’s who would submit to the will of the people would be spared. 5 Gods left the keep and joined the Judicator army, the rest were killed. The Heroes took the power and the place of the old Gods becoming the New Gods of the 9 planes.

Godhead Triad.

The three leaders of the heroes took their place as the head of the new pantheon, diving up the greatest powers amongst themselves. It is known that the Godheads are the strongest of the new gods but it is also believed that they are each stronger than any of the old gods.

Cariad, Godhead of Love and Hope- Cariad was the leader of the orignal Heroes that took siege to the old gods. He is the god of love, hope, and leadership. It was once well documented who Cariad was in life, and what his motives were, but after the War of the Fledgelings most of these records were destroyed. Most races today claim the living Cariad, but the truth is this is unknown. Most agree that he was a warrior some sort in life ,likely a monk or a paladin. Now in godhood Cariad looks down on his followers with kindness and mercy, with stern consequences for evil. He is largely absent from the affairs of mortals, however soldiers who return from battle claim that they saw Cariad’s glowing visage defending them.
  • Cariad is True good
  • His symbol is a Sword sheathed in a Great shield with wings engraved
  • Cariad wishes for people to lead with compassion and humility
Hortza, Godhead of Death and Shadows -Hortza was Cariad’s closest friend, he is the god of Death and Shadows, he rules over the plane of death. Few care who Hortza once was, most assume some kind of thief or assassin. His name is a curse amongst the Peoples of Crestshore, but more out of fear than contempt. Hortza, does not seem to take offense to his role as the taker of life or the anonymity that comes with it. Hortza commands only balance, he does not pretend to rule anyones destiny but instead be the inevitable end to all stories. He is less passionate and much harder to anger than his Trinity brethren, but he is arguably the most destructive of the 3 when incited.
  • Hortza is Lawful Neutral
  • His symbol is the cloak of daggers
  • Hortza accepts assassins and death cults to his side, he doesn’t accept wonton killing, but instead organized, passionless and meaningful assassination
Enara,Godesshead of Life and Nature – Enara is believed to be the sister of both Hortza and Cariad, although it is clear that Hortza and Cariad are in no way related. This strange relationship is simply part of the enigma that is Enara. Enara is the Godess of nature, life, she is the lady of the mortal plane. Of all the Godheads Enara is the most known, she often appears as a bear, or whisp, although she may sometimes manifest through trees. Enara was known to have been human at one point, but not much else is known about her life. It is known that she is quick to anger, but very nurturing. All natural disasters are assumed to be the work of the angered Enara, but hs eloved for the bounty of nature that is felt
  • Enara is Chaotic Good
  • Her symbol is a tree with animals sleeping under it
  • Enara Expects her followers to treat nature with respect and to build temples in reverence to the Godhead

Pandoric Gods

The Pandoric Gods were the other five heroes who led the battle against the old gods. They were all powerful but were not as unified or as strong of heart as the Godhead’s and so they did not accend to greater power. It is assumed that their powers are in concert with the old gods before them.

Levantra,godess of Freedom, Travel, and Adventure -

Proteus, god of Knowledge, Secrets, Magic -

Gur’Ouk,god of Batle, War, Honor – Legends say that Gur’Ouk, the Half-Orc, was not always a creature of good, that once he was a minion of evil who stood in the way of the Godheads during their mortal adventures. The legend says that Cariad challenged Gur’Ouk to an honorable duel, and that Gur’Ouk defeated Cariad. The Legend says that Gur’Ouk was so moved by Cariad’s nobility that he offered his alliance to Cariad and became his faithful companion. In Godhood Gur’Ouk is known to give blessings to warriors who pray to him before battle or duels, or leaders that seek his guidence in war.
  • Gur’ouk is Lawful Good
  • His symbol is a banner of war with a blade on it.
  • He expects his followers to be honorable in battle and to apply to rules of conflict.

Dimmyr, god of Creation, Order, Civilization -

Sylenne, godess of Oceans, Music, and Art -

Eternal Gods

Bahamut,The Platinum Dragon – God of Justice, Nobility and Protection. Bahamut was the only god from the non seasonal school to join the Judicators. It is said that after long and hard contemplation Bahamut agreed with with Cariad and the Judicators. And offered himself and his army to their forces. From that moment on Bahamut became Carian’s steed.
  • Bahamut is lawful good
  • Bahamut’s Symbol is a Blue shield with a Silver Dragon with wings spread full
  • Expects to Uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice.





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