Guinevere Stormrise

Young, naive and kind but tends to act out in a way that is misinterpreted as pompous.


Level: One Class: Cleric Race: Eladrin Age: 35

Hp: 29 Spd: 5 Int: +1

AC: 16 FORT: 14 REF: 14 WILL: 17

Passive Insight: 15 Passive Perception: 13


Guinevere was a young Eladrin who set out at an unusually young age to “fulfill her destiny.” This confused and perplexed many and while there are those that love and miss her from her home town, most people that knew her have already accepted that she probably isn’t coming back- at least in one piece.

As a child, Guinevere was disgusted by the actions of the people around her and of the many stories of evil she had been told. When she was of the youngest age possible to leave after her training (30 years) she set off in search of a way to prevent evil from ever hurting another innocent soul again.

After five years of traveling and research, she finally came across the legend of the Gauntlet of Arathys a gauntlet that would supposedly bring justice to the land at the whim of its owner.

Guinevere Stormrise

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