Elfwin. the ELF. with a BEAR. Rarw


Lvl 1

Race: Dwarf

Class: Ranger

Max HP 31 bloodied 15

Str 19 Con 19 Dex 17 Int 12

Wis 7 Cha 17

Ac 15 Fort 15 Ref 14 Will 13

Endurance 11

Athletics 9 Acrobatics 8 Stealth 8 Nature 3

Longsword: 1d8+4

Longbow (full sized elven bow, of the de ELVES): 1d10+3

-2 to hit

1d6 -1 bludgeon


Elfwin was abandoned as a babe in a forest. A big spooky forests. Filled with trees, greenry, babbling brooks, and Bears! Lotsa lotsa bears, like Berry, her bear, named Berry. Who found the poor abandoned shrimp of a humanoid, and took pity on it, raising the child so that she could simply live, and so she could surpass all expectation…and Thrive. Now Seventeen years later Elfwin is nearly an adult. An Elven adult! within the woods, with her bear, in the forest, as a ranger, an ELF ranger. She wins at everything! her stealth amazing, her endurance like stone, her voice! undoubtedly swaying, her godly elven looks….GODLY! She refrains from bragging, aware of her overbearing awesomeness. Knowing that a hero, a true elven hero! does not brag. She seeks out fame and glory, she even lets her Bear, Berry, tag along, simply out of the kindness of her little golden elven heart. No need to thank her, she already knows.


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