Gods of Tivintir

Ventureing to the caves

Jerico met with the Heroes the fallowing night at the Inn, he learned of Gwendolyn’s quest for the Guantlet of Erathis and the fact that she needed Proteus’s blessing to find it. Jerico offered to do what he could for her, if she (And Elfwinn of course) could help him to finish his temple. Jerico also communed with Ulvein regarding their arrangement, Jerico had promised to smuggle the drow into Cresentshore without fear of retribution from his homeland. Jerico expressed to the group that he would be happy to help them, but could not do so until the temple was completed.

The group agreed, and after a breif conversation with Elfwin about her religious identity, they slept. The next morning Jerico led them to the edge of the wood, Elfwinn called her bear companion, Beary, to her side and fallowed Jerico’s lead. Jerico utilized a secret spell to cover the groups tracks, leading to the secret location of the Splitton Temple of Proteus. Here he told the group that they needed to venture east to a cave in order to find a certain purple crystal which he would need to finish the Temple.

Jerico sent them on their way, and the group walked on. On they path they found resistance from a swath of rats, which seemed to be nesting in the woods by the road. After dispatching the rats the group settled in a small meadow besides the path to rest their wounds. It was here that Ulvein realized that their feild of vision had been heavily reduced since entering the forest. After much deliberation he improvised a spell which might help. Gathering the bones of the dire rats, he cast a ritual whihc would give the Heroes the same sight as the rats. This opened their eyes to see the rest of the forest.

Elfwin saw a large rock in the distance, and made the random decision to climb it. Meanwhile the bear fell into a deep sleep in order to heal its wounds from the battle. Ulvein fallowed behind Elfwinn and spotted two figures ontop of the rock. After seeing the figures, Ulvein hid behind a tree, and atttempted to disuade Elfwinn from climbing. However Elfwinn continued, and climbed into an ambush from two Elfish Scouts.

One scout took an ignorate Elfwinn hostage and the other climbed into the trees of hte forest to hunt down Ulvien. Meanwhile, Gwen, who realized something was amiss, used her Fey step to teleport into the tree above Ulvien. The two spoke for a few moments before they were aproched by the Elvish scout.

The scout seemed defensive and cautious, and while Gwen was attempting to be diplomatic Ulvien was antagonistic and continued to instigate the Elf. Eventualy, The elf told the two to be silent and Ulvein continued to speak, the elf whistled for his company to come and ambush the heroes.

An elvish hunter jumped from the trees and knocked Ulvien down, but Ulvein was able to regain his composue and activated his shoud of darkness creating a black fog around him. Meanwhile Elfwinn sensing danger, grabed her would be captor and threw him off the rocky hill, freeing herself and dammaging her attacker. Elvish hunters surrounded the dark cloud, and waited for it to dispurse.

When the cloud faded, Ulvein was gone, having snuck out from the cloud and hiding behind a stone. Gwen was left prone and alone having fallen from the tree, and was captured by the surrounding elves. Elfwinn, having seen this from the rock, assumed the black cloud was the breeding ritual of the true elves, and that Gwen and Ulvein had given birth to 5 fully grown elves. Beliving that she had been completely unreasonable in throwing off her attacker, she surrendered herself to the elves and allowed herself to be taken captive.

As Gwen and Elfwinn were being trasported to the elf camp, Gwen attempted to explain to Elfwinn that she was not giving birth, but infact was being captured by elvish attackers, which Elfwinn didn;t quite understand. They were taken to the nameless leader of the elves. When he was able to devine their purpose he was enraged, telling them that Jerico had tried many times to get the blue stones which were known as Star Flower of Corellion but had been faught off every time. The Elf told them that they were not welcome here, and they would be kept in their camp overnight, but if their third friend did not surrender himself by the fallowing sunset, that the two would be exicuted.

Meanwhile Ulvien quickly, but accidently, killed two elvish hunters who were seeking him out. After taking a map from their body, and finding some strange pellets, he left the bodies on a rock to be ceramonaily burried. After his Murder, he snuck around tward the enterence with the cave with the intent to enter it before checing on the status of his comrades…

Meeting in Splitton

Our three heroes are introduced. Gwenivere Stormrise, an Elderin Cleric who serves bahamut is on the first step of her travel in search of the power of the Old Gods. To find this information she seeks the aid of Proteus the god of knowledge, magic, and most importantly secrets. After searching for weeks she finds that a cleric of Proteus has been working in the town of Splitton to build a temple in his reverence.

Determined to find this man she walked on the Splitton forest, where she was attacked by goblins. Overpowered, she received unexpected aid from from Elfwin, a delusional dwarf who seemed to believe with great conviction that she was an elf. Elfwin made a spectacular failure of herself attempting to save Gwenivere, thankfully Elfwin’s companion, a Bear she calls “Beary” was able to fight off the goblins. Gwenivere, touched took Elfwin on as her charge in exchange for saving her life. Elfwin was happy to fallow “another” elf, and left her forest home for the first time to go to Splitton

Meanwhile, Ulveine Lightborn, the disgraced and fugitive drow, has been smuggled down the great river. His smuggler left him in Splitton to find a contact, Jerico, with the promise that Jerico could keep him secret and safe.

Gwenivere and Elfwin entered the town, with minimal resistance from the town guard who restricted the bear from entering the town. Intrigued Ulveine approached to help the frightened guard to help expidite the situation, and the bear left the town. Gwenivere and Elfwin then stayed at the Town Inn where they made an awakward relationship with the Inn Keeper, a former Cleric who also worshiped bahamut, who was put off by Elfwin’s eccentric ways.

As these two were making a Scene Ulveine continued his search for Jerico, going to the large cabin that was known as the mayors office. Ulviene had a quick and unfruitful interaction with teh receptionist, a rude and troublesome lady, who had Ulviene thrown into jail for the night for wasting her time. Ulviene found that the mayor’s personal guards were much better trained than the town guards themselves, and they carted him to the “Prison” A Simple cage that existed out in the woods.

Meanwhile Elfwin and Gwenivere conitnued to search the town, relaxing and becoming accostomed to their surroundings. They met with Griff, an old blacksmith who seemed to be quite unhappy with the town. They bought on old iron horseshoe from the man, and asked where they could find their priest. Griff cautiously directed them to the Mayor’s office, and also gave them the information regarding the innkeepers past as an adventurer. He ominously wished them good luck as they left him.

The next morning Ulviene was released from custody after spending the entire night attempting to pick the lock, to no avail. Confused and disgruntled he went about a different way of finding his contact. He asked around for Jerico at the mill and was surprised to find that Jerico frequented the mill for wood. The two woodcutters, Tom and Felt, told Ulviene that Jerico was due to return in a week or so. Ulviene went to go search out for Jerico, deducing that what he was building must be either north or south of the town if he didnt always come in from the main road.

Searching north of the town Ulviene found wagon tracks, however when he fallowed them he found htey led in circles despite being perfectly streight. Ulviene deduced that magic must be invovledand doubbled back to the town, taking a work with the Mill workers in order to wait out JErico.

Meanwhile Elfwin and Gwen, interogated the innkeeper about her past, and about the preist. The inkeeper told them that preist’s name was Jerico and that he was infact building a temple to Proteus, however because Proteus is a god of secrets, the temple would be build away from the town in a hard to find place. Elfwin and Gewn thanked the innkeeper and went to go find out what they could about this man.

They fist went to the Mill and asked the two mill workers about Jerico. Ulviene, who was working there, overheard them and after finding out that they were searching for the same man, decided to work together.

The united group then went to the general store where the fat, and greedy shopowner sold them information regarding Jerico’s buissness dealings. that he often had marble and oils shiped from up river in order to build his temple. After Uliviene threataned the man, he told them that Jerico was due back in 2 days.

The Pary waited, and Met with Jerico in the general store….

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